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food menu




chicken mushroom pie (d-g)    aed 42
chicken, cream sauce mushrooms, thyme, rosemary, garlic, flakey homemade puff pastry.

beef bourguignon pie  (d-g)    aed 47
succulent braised beef, mushrooms, baby potatoes, rich gravy sauce, flakey homemade puff pastry.

veggie quiche (d-e-g)   aed 32
herbed pumpkin cubes, red onions, baby spinach, basil leaves, crumbled feta, homemade shortcrust pastry.  

the other veggie quiche (d-e-g)   aed 32
spinach, mushrooms, red onions, baby spinach, feta, gruyère, homemade short crust pastry.


roast beef (d-g-m) 
aed 48 (full) | aed 25 (half)

peppered roast beef, caramelised onion, sautéed mushroom, sharp cheddar, mustard, fresh baked bread roll.

roast chicken (e-g)   aed 38
roast chicken, crispy beef/turkey bacon, rosemary confit garlic mayo, boston lettuce, tomato, avocado, sliced country loaf

breaded chicken (d-g)
aed 42 (full)  |  aed 22 (half)        

breaded chicken cutlet, roasted pepper mayo, aged cheddar cheese, avocado, italian marinated veggies, fresh baked bread roll.

turkey and brie (d-g)   aed 48
smoked turkey breast, brie, avocado, rocket, cranberry sauces, fresh baked sliced bread

breakfast croissant (d-e-g)   aed 34
scrambled eggs, cheese, crispy beef bacon, freshly baked croissant. 

avocado + toast   aed 45
country loaf/brown baguette, avocado, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate, almond flakes, 
crunchy chickpeas, feta.


the mediterranean-ish    aed 42
harissa cauliflower, roasted carrots, crunchy chickpeas, rocca, kale, pomegranate, almond, tomato, with a lemon, honey sumac and pomegranate molasses dressing.

salad - add ons

roast chicken   aed 10
boiled egg  aed 5
feta cheese  aed 10
avocado (half) 
aed 8
sunflower seeds  aed 5
pumpkin seeds  aed 10

sliced to your liking

baguette epis (g)    aed 26
baked in house daily

white toast (g)    aed 26
baked in house daily

brown toast (d-g)   aed 28
baked in house daily

country loaf (g)   aed 32
baked in house daily

white baguette (g)    aed 22
baked in house daily

multigrain baguette (g-n)    aed 28
baked in house daily

german crusty roll "brötchen"    aed 5
baked in house daily

gluten free loaf    aed 35


chocolate pine nut tart (d-e-g-n)  aed 22
chocolate ganache, roast pine nut butter, quenelle of whipped white chocolate and pine nut cream, shortcrust tart

chocolate raspberry tart (d-e-g)  aed 22
chocolate ganache, raspberry coulis, quenelle of white chocolate and raspberry cream, short crust tart

creme brulée tart (d-e-g)  aed 20
vanilla, orange and cinnamon crème brulee, shortcrust tart.

apple tart (d-e-g-n)  aed 22
whole confit apple, vanilla pastry crème, almond crème, cinnamon crumble, shortcrust tart.

date & chocolate éclair (d-e-g)  aed 20
choux pastry, date pastry crème, chocolate, dates.

pistachio & orange blossom éclair
-e-g-n)  aed 22

choux pastry, pistachio pastry crème, pistachio praline, orange blossom ganache, white chocolate.

cinnamon roll (d-e-g-n)  aed 22
sweet baked dough, cinnamon sugar filling, nuts.

brownies & cookies

vegan gf brownie    aed 20 

chocolate peanut butter brownie
aed 25

valrhona chocolate brownie, peanut butter, roasted peanuts.

matcha pistachio cookie (c-d-g-n)  
aed 14

matcha cookie, valrhona white chocolate, pistachios.

i can't believe it's
vegan - chocolate chip cookie (gf-n)
aed 16

oat flour cookie, chocolate chips.

ultimate chocolate chunk cookie (c-d-g)
aed 12

Valrhona chocolate chunks.

chocolate brownie (c-d-g)  aed 22      
valrhona chocolate brownie.


butter croissant (d-e-g)  aed 18
baked in house daily

zaatar croissant (d-e-g-n)  aed 20
lebanese zaatar, baked in house daily

pain au chocolat (d-e-g)  aed 22
baked in house daily

almond croissant (d-e-g-n)  aed 20
almond cream, almonds, baked in house daily

cheese croissant (d-e-g)  aed 18
cheddar, baked in house daily

add ons

strawberry jam   aed 4
apricot jam   aed 6


i          chocolate cake (d-e-g)   aed 40
rich and moist chocolate sponge, smooth dark chocolate ganache.

spiced carrot cake  (d-e-g-n)    aed 35
moist spiced carrot sponge, non- traditional cream cheese icing.

baked ricotta cheesecake (d-e-g)   aed 40
fluffy ricotta filling,  short crust pastry, icing sugar and cinnamon.

strawberry shortcake (d-e-g)   aed 40
vanilla sponge, mascarpone vanilla whipped cream, fresh strawberries.

slow cooked banana tahini loaf (d-e-g-n)   aed 32
slow cooked banana bread, sweet tahini, milk chocolate caramel.

lemon blueberry baby bundt (d-e-g)    aed 24
lemon olive oil sponge, blueberries, lemon glaze.

white chocolate strawberry cheesecake (d-e-g)   aed 38
vanilla sponge, white chocolate cheesecake filling,
strawberry coulis, white chocolate glaze.

*** please note all ours products are made in a kitchen that handles nuts, gluten, dairy and sesame. C
ontains: d - dairy   |   n - nuts  |  g - gluten |  gf - gluten free   |   e - eggs  |  s - sesame  |  m - mustard

beverage menu

coffee (hot or cold)

espresso  |  aed 23
americano  |  aed 26
piccolo  |
 aed 25
cortado  |  aed 25
espresso macchiato  |  aed 25
latte  |  aed 28
cappuccino   |  aed 28
flat white  |  aed 27
iced latte  |  aed 28
cold brew |  aed 27

mill signature latte  | aed 34
caffe mocha 
|  aed 30
rose latte
| aed 30  
karak latte
| aed 30
special cold brew
|  aed 32
hot chocolate
|  aed 25
| aed 10

filter coffee

origami  |  aed 35
v-60  |  aed 35
| aed 35


cascara iced tea  |  aed 25
english breakfast tea  
| aed 25
green tea  
|  aed 25
special tea 
|  aed 35
chamomile tea 
|  aed 25 
moroccan nights  
|  aed 25
mixed berry iced tea 
| aed 25

add on

oatly milk   |  aed 7
almond  milk   
 aed 5
coconut m
|  aed 5
soya milk
|  aed 5
glass of milk  
 aed 10
vanilla syrup  |  aed 6

still water

al ain - 330 ml  |  aed 6
al ain - 750 ml  
| aed 10
aqua pana - 500 ml  
| aed 18

sparkling water   
san pellegrino - 0.5 ltr  |  aed 18

fresh juices

orange  |  aed 20
water m
|  aed 20
lemon mint 
|  aed 20
ginger shot  | aed 12


the acai one   aed 40
strawberry, banana, milk.

the green one   aed 40
banana, grapes, spinach, pineapple, coconut water.

the chocolatey one  aed 37

banana, peanut butter, choco powder, cinnamon, milk.

add on

vegan vanilla protein   |  aed 15
chocolate whey  |  aed 12
vanilla whey  |  aed 12

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